My Favorite Bed Sheets

A few years ago I moved into a brand new home which I built with my husband. Although it was a very simple design, it was exactly what we wanted. Of course, I decided to upgrade a few things when we made the move, one of which was our bed linen. Bedsheetadvisor – Best and Most Comfortable Bed Sheets Reviews will help you short list your preferences.

I’m a pretty frugal person, so, our bed sheets consisted of some which I had inherited from my mother. They must have been made in the 1970’s, even the late 60’s, by the Dormy company. I had a set with pop art pink flowers, and another with more gentle green and lavender geometric designs. I really loved those sheets; easy to launder, always coming up crisp and bright, yet soft and smooth – the quality was fantastic given the amount of use they had seen over the years.

Bed SheetHowever, they didn’t fit in with my new decor, and hey, they were forty years old! The pillow cases had long given up the ghost – time for something smarter after all these years.

So I visited the fanciest store in town, and bought two sets of six hundred thread count cotton sheets in a lovely cream self stripe design. They were the most expensive sheets in the store, but I felt that we deserved something very nice for our new bedroom.

I put them on our bed, and cuddled down to enjoy their silky smoothness. Our enjoyment was, however, short lived. Within week, the once soft sheets began to “pill”. On my husband’s side, his rough skinned feet were actually pulling threads in the sheet. I was so disappointed!

My old sheets were confined to the guest bedroom, so, there was nothing for it but to go shopping again. This time, I hunted around in some of the less expensive stores. I found that many of them stocked micro-pore sheets. Micro-pore? That sounds kind of hot and uncomfortable. But after my experience with cotton, I decided to take the plunge, and bought a rather fetching pale turquoise set that is easy to wash by hot water from tankless waterheater.

What a revelation! Peachy soft, cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cool, easy to wash and dry, and importantly, absolutely no catching or pilling!

My favorite bed sheets are without a doubt my new, deliciously comfortable micro-pore sheets.