How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress

Cleaning a memory foam mattress can be very tricky. You can’t wash it, and if you soak it all the way through and the liquid comes out of the other side, the memory foam is so dense and the moisture will not dry before the mattress starts to grow mold. There are some ways to try and salvage a stained mattress without ruining it however read the Memoryfoamcenter’s best memory foam mattress reviews.

**Before reading keep in mind that you should never ‘ring out’ memory foam, nor soak it or saturate it while you are trying to clean it.

**Of course, it’s probably too late if you’re reading this but the best way to avoid a stain is to get a good mattress cover, preferably one that’s water proof and it will be dust mite proof as well.

What will you need to clean your mattress

Memory Foam Mattress1) Roll of paper towels

2) Box of baking soda. A new one is best but feel free to use one in your fridge if you’re in a pinch

3) White vinegar (a half of a bottle)

4) Big bowl

5) Vacuum, preferably with an attachment for furniture and hard to reach places

What you do

1) Fill the bowl with half water and half white vinegar.

2) Soak up (just blot, don’t push on it) the mess/stain with one of the paper towels. Remove the sheets so you can wash them.

3) Wet a paper towel with your mixture of vinegar and water and blot it directly on the stain on your mattress. Press the solution in and then use a new paper towel to absorb the moisture immediately after you dab the stain with the solution. Be sure to do this until the entire stain is completely covered and washed with the solution, and then dried.

4) Open the baking soda and pour it on top of the stain and use the entire box. Spread it over the stain generously.

5) Allow the baking soda to sit for two hours. Vacuum the baking soda off of the mattress.

Hopefully this will take the stain away, and it should work fairly well if you use this procedure as soon as possible- or as soon as you notice the stain.