What Is The Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure (HBP) is a common ailment among adults. Approximately 70 percent of adults 65 and over suffer from HBP. This disease doesn’t only affect elderly adults; it can be found in other ages. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there though. If not monitored correctly, HBP could result in a heart attack, stroke, and even death.

Measuring HBP daily can hep keep it under check, and lessen the likelihood of something more serious from occurring. If monitoring HBP daily is at the forefront of your concerns, then it’s most likely also important to find the best performing monitor on the market.

Finding the Best High Blood Pressure Monitor

According to Consumer Reports, the best HBP monitor currently on market is The Omron 10 Series, BP786, that costs $75. After extensively testing various monitors, researchers at Consumer Reports found this to be the best performing product among the top monitors on the market.

What’s the Best and Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor? – bpmonitoradvisor

How the Conclusion was Made

After taking readings consistently every day for four weeks from 32 participants, a mix of both men and women with varying ages and blood pressure (BP) readings, several at home monitors were tested. Consumer Reports had the participants check their blood pressure using a different monitor each day, including different brand and different cuff placement. A mercury sphygmomanometer, monitors used in doctor’s offices, were also used to take BP readings of each person daily, and were compared against readings from the various home monitors for an accurate reading.

Things to Consider When Determining the Best Home BP Monitor

The placement from which the monitor takes the most accurate reading is also important too. The Omron 10 Series, BP786, takes the blood pressure using a cuff placed on the arm. According the American Heart Association, the most accurate reading can be taken from the arm. Therefore, it’s important to purchase a home monitor that takes readings using an arm cuff as opposed to a monitor that requires placement on the wrist.

Another thing to consider is the versatility of the fit of the band. The Omron 10 Series, BP786, comes with an arm cuff that can be adjusted to many different sizes for versatile use among different monitor users.


After reviewing Consumer Report’s finding, and other factors such as placement for the most accurate reading, and versatility of the machine, the Omron 10 Series, BP786 hits serious marks when determining the best machine for blood-pressure-conscious adults.

Rest in peace prince

Internet Gossip April 2016 – Rest in Peace Prince

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Choosing Stylish Celebrity Watches

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Fashion Jewelry

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